13 Apr 2016

The New and Improved Sky Marquees

Updated and IMPROVED Website Design

We have decided to upgrade our website to keep it up to date and modern for you, making your marquee hiring experience more enjoyable! We have dropped the old pink website design and have gone with a fresh, clean light blue look to tie in more with our brand Sky Marquee’s. We wanted our web pages laid out a lot more efficiently allowing you to navigate and find the right marquee for you. We have included our contact information on every page which allows you to immediately contact us to ask any questions you may have.

What We Wanted our New WORDPRESS WEBSITE To Look Like

We wanted a new website that looks far more superior than our competitors that stands tall and casts a shadow over them all! We did like the look of our old website but we realised we needed to step it up a gear to match our reputation of being the leading marquee hire company in Surrey! We did a Google search to find a quality WordPress website maintenance company that had a great reputation, portfolio and reviews. We went to the first website on Google and read all the outstanding client feedback and viewed an impressive portfolio of what they have done. We immediately went ahead with SixtyMarketing to build our new WordPress website.

We were after that little something special for when clients land on our well built web pages and they came up with this great tracing of our marquee before the image loads! Please see below. I think you will agree that our current WordPress website is head and shoulders above our competitors, and dare i say, all other marquee hire websites across the UK?! please feel free to share our website or get in touch with us about our marquees.